Odd Wedding Rituals and Customs


Summary: In some places, very odd wedding rituals take place which can sometimes be very harsh on the woman involved in the marriage.

Wedding customs and traditions vary a lot from one country to another. Even within one country, there may be a lot of variations in wedding customs and rituals. India is a very good example for that.

In some places, very odd wedding ceremonies are conducted with weird customs and traditions. Most of them are based on superstitious beliefs.

Weird and Harsh Wedding Rituals

In some Indian villages, marriage happens between a woman and an animal such as a donkey, a goat or even a dog. The woman is not expected to lead a life with the animal. It is just a one-time affair. Such a wedding ritual is done as a means to please the God worshipped by the people in those villages. People in those parts believe in ghosts and if the villagers face any problems, they would attribute them to the existence of ghosts in the village. They believe that such a wedding ritual will help in exorcising ghosts.

In Greece, some odd rituals are conducted to announce a marriage between a man and a woman. A young boy who has not even achieved pubescence is chosen for this ritual. The boy would be made to wear a biscuit ring around his neck. The bride would then grab the boy and make him sit on his lap. She would then start biting the biscuit ring surrounding the boy’s neck. It is not as weird as the Indian one described above and there is no animal involved. But, it definitely belongs to the elite list of odd wedding rituals and customs.

In Korean weddings, there is a custom where married friends of the bridegroom are made to hand-carve ducks using wood and gift them to the couple. They are expected to do the hand-carving themselves which is surely not an easy task. Also, the reason why duck is chosen for this ritual is not clear.

In Scotland, an odd wedding ritual is performed which involves humiliating the bride in public by blackening her. The bride gets dumped with dirty substances like animal poop, molasses and anything dirty that is available.

In some parts of Africa, it is believed that men like only fat women. Hence, parents of a girl carry out a cruel practice known as Leblouh wherein the girl is forced to vomit by making her eat too much. The girl is then made to eat her own vomit. A girl is subjected to such a practice from a very young age so that she would become fat by the time she attains the age for marriage.