Some of the Most Unique Wedding Ceremonies in the World


Summary: Wedding ceremonies take place in unique ways in different countries.

Wedding is one of the most popular social traditions in the world. Wedding is something that has universal appeal and is celebrated in every country. Weddings are usually very grand affairs. The ceremonies and rituals performed in a wedding vary a lot depending on the beliefs, culture and tradition of a particular region.

Unique and Interesting Wedding Ceremonies

Indian weddings are attended by a large number of people and are quite lengthy. Usually, an Indian wedding takes place for at least two days with a lot of importance given to religious rituals. Hinduism is the religion that is practised by majority of the people in India and weddings are conducted based on Hindu rituals and beliefs which mainly involve chanting mantras. The groom and the bride become husband and wife once the groom ties the mangalsutra around the bride’s neck.

Jewish weddings are held in a very orthodox manner. According to Jewish tradition, a wedding ceremony shouldn’t be held on the day of Sabbath or on any religious holiday that is of significance to Jews. Jewish weddings have very unique invitations which are written in both English and Hebrew. The bride and the groom are made to stand under a special canopy known as chuppa and are made to perform rituals.

Japanese weddings usually take place in Shinto Shrines. The bride is dressed fully in white and the bridegroom fully in black. They both become husband and wife by drinking together a special alcoholic beverage known as sake.

Weddings in Jamaica involve music, dance and a lot of fun. Different types of cakes are baked for wedding ceremonies. A wedding in Jamaica is usually planned and orchestrated by the whole village making it a grand and highly socialized affair.

Weddings taking place in Islamic countries happen in a structured manner. They are usually very simple affairs. An Islamic wedding is called nikah. The couple are not allowed to see each other during the wedding. They can see each other only after a contract is signed in the presence of witnesses.

Weddings in Czechoslovakia have their own uniqueness. Prior to the wedding, friends of the bride get together and plant a tree with decorations in the bride’s yard. Before the bride and the groom are announced husband and wife, a baby will be placed in the bed of the couple. According to beliefs, such a ritual will increase the chances of the girl giving birth after the marriage. The bride would be given special food items to improve her fertility.