South American Wedding Traditions


Summary: The South American wedding tradition follows a certain set of rituals. They highly regard their family ties. Hence, they make it a point to invite all their near and dear ones to the venue.

The primary South American community includes the Venezuelan, Chilean and Argentinean communities. The wedding traditions of South Americans are similar to one another, though every community has their own interpretation of their cultures. Couples perform such ceremonies accompanied by both the extended and immediate family members, since this is essential in establishing strong family ties or relationships. They have certain cultural guidelines which assist them in organizing the engagement ceremony. They have traditional ministers that unite both the bride and the groom into holy matrimony. Prior to getting married, this priest usually confirms if the groom and bride have asked their parents.

A Look at South American Wedding Traditions

The South American people value their relation with their priests. This explains the reason why they usually inform them prior to telling their parents. They think that if a priest blesses a couple, they shall get good luck. The South Americans value their family ties and hence they need to include each family member during the preparation. The groom needs to seek the permission of his father-in-law prior to making proposal to the woman he intends to wed. The couples usually introduce one another to their father and mother while they court as this indicates that they wish to marry one other.

South American marriage tradition requires that both families organize civil ceremony to inform all other family people about their wedding plan. This civil ceremony usually takes place one fortnight before the main event. Subsequent to this civil ceremony as well as main service, all invited people attend the reception at a specified venue. These events are vital to the South American community. This spiritual service comprises of more festivity. When their main ceremony continues to be in progression, both families exchange around thirteen gold coins. This is believed to be a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. These gold coins are known as ‘arras’.

The newlyweds generally sneak from their reception venue. This is supposed to bring good fortune to their wedding. The presence of both bridesmaids and best men is a routine thing within South American community. Only people who are permitted to escort this couple are bride’s father and groom’s mother. The South American marriage tradition requires the couple to exchange rings during their engagement ceremony. Their customs prevent them from doing this while taking vows. The South American marriage traditions expect the couple to wear wedding band around their hand before making vows. The South American couples organize traditional engagement ceremonies conducted by the minister who has knowledge about their culture.