Strange Wedding Rituals and Traditions


Summary: Every country has own its own culture, tradition and religion according to which wedding ceremonies are conducted. Some weddings take place in a very strange manner.

Weddings in some religions involve gathering in a holy place and exchanging rings and marriage vows. But, in some religions and culture, strange customs and rituals are followed in wedding ceremonies which may be unbelievable and also make for an interesting read.

Bizarre Wedding Traditions

Scottish weddings happen in a gross manner and turn out to be smelly affairs. This is because of the Scottish wedding ritual called bride blackening. According to this ritual, friends and relatives throw rubbish things at the bride. The logic behind this ritual is that marriages are usually very tough and if a woman can handle such a humiliating ritual during the wedding, then it means that she is prepared to face the hardships of a marriage.

It is common to see the bride and her family members shedding some tears during a wedding because the bride would have to leave her family and go live with her husband after the wedding. But, people from the Chinese community of Tujia have made crying into a ritual where the bride sets aside one hour a day for crying starting one month before the wedding. After 10 days, the bride’s mother joins the crying ritual and after another 10 days, her grandmother starts crying.

In some Indian culture, some women are said to be born with a special astrology condition known as ‘Mangal Dosha’. Such a women is believed to cause some harm to her husband unintentionally which can even lead to his death. Hence, before marrying a man, the woman is made to marry a tree after which the tree is destructed. It is believed that the tree’s destruction eliminates the woman’s Mangal Dosha.

In a tribal community called Tidong in Borneo, a married couple is not allowed to go to the toilet for urinating or for clearing their bowels for the first three days after the marriage.

A Woman from the Neur tribe of Sudan is supposed to give birth to at least two children after the marriage. If the woman is not able to do that for any reason, her husband can divorce her and marry another woman.

It is very common to see a bride being blessed by her father immediately after a wedding. But, in the Maasai tribe of Kenya, a father blesses his daughter in a very strange manner wherein he first spits on her head and then on her breasts. The bride is allowed to leave with the bridegroom only after this blessing ritual.