Tribal Wedding Traditions across the World


Summary: Tribal wedding traditions all over the world are more or less similar. After the boy proposes to the girl, the groom’s elderly family members meet the girl’s elderly family members.

The tribal wedding traditions often start with a boy proposing to the girl. After the girl’s acceptance, the boy later calls a meeting with the clan elders that hugely consists of family members comprising of elders. A delegation carries small gifts like rice and wheat. Sometimes goats and cattle are also taken. It is later sent to the girl’s house to meet her family elders. Deliberation on the bride’s price actually begins at a later date. These are conducted strictly by older men. After these negotiations are complete, the wedding date is fixed, with the elder family members having given an acceptable percent of the full dowry.

A Look at Tribal Wedding Traditions all Over the World

The remaining dowry can be given later. The young man must remember to furnish this payment as failure to do this spells dishonor to the family. The wedding ceremony usually involves the whole community. Women organize the menu whereas the men organize monetary matters. The groom is responsible for the bride’s dress. The bride is allowed to select her bride’s maids. Such matters are usually deliberated during pre-wedding occasions. In strictly traditional tribal wedding, there is hardly any usage of official ring and nor is there any official engagement event which is the characteristic of a western wedding for instance.

In addition, wedding photos that largely feature within these occasions were not taken in previous days. On the eve of their wedding, the groom and his relatives visit his would be in laws. This is usually done to aid with the wedding arrangements. Yet, the convoy is never immediately let in the bride’s homestead. Instead the bride’s house gate is locked. A dance and song session begins which acts as a cover for talks. Various goods can be asked from the groom. He willingly agrees to these demands. After this he is allowed into the bride’s compound. The wedding begins with a convoy from the groom’s family that goes to the bride’s house to collect her.

The dancing and singing may be heard all around the village. Many tribal’s, being Christian’s; they go to the church for the wedding ceremony and consequent reception. Tribal weddings are characterized with many guests attending and they are rarely private affair. Wedding photo is taken at this stage. Food is served to the guests and wedding gifts are accepted. Speeches about how to lead life as wife and husband are given. Then dancing and singing is performed late into night. Unlike their western counterparts, tribal couples do not begin their honeymoon. They rather simply go to their new homes and mark the beginning of their new family life together.