Economical Ways to have Your Wedding during Winter or Autumn


An outdoor wedding is best, if you are going in for an autumn wedding. Select a suitable location and bedeck the wedding area with autumn specialties. For a winter wedding, look for indoor facilities within outdoor locations. Decoration can be done with winter flowers and holiday lights.

Autumn is that part of the year when the most weddings take place. There are several ideas to make an autumn wedding special. First, select an appropriate location suitable to the season. With falling leaves and beautiful foliages many might choose an outdoor location nuptial. To go in with the theme of the season, you could select historic churches, inns, barns, vineyards and castles as the setting for your wedding. Select locations with good indoor and outdoor areas. For the months of September and October, you can consider having the entire ceremony outdoors, as this will cut down on the flower decoration costs.

Right Décor and Food for Your Autumn Wedding
As for décor, you can have inexpensive candles, maple leaves, pine cones and homemade crafts. The color schemata can be reds, oranges, browns, yellows and gold. Autumn is the time of the year when you have some great fruits and vegetables. Use them effectively for table presentations and décor. As for food, put in a lot of simple sandwiches. Throw in a lot of cheese, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce and other condiments. Put out a dessert bar rather than offering a full meal if the wedding is during mid-afternoon.

For winter weddings, many outdoor locations would become unwieldy for holding any function. However they might have some indoor facilities, so do check out the same. Scout for party or meeting rooms in parks and botanical gardens. These places might also dish out an off-season price discount.

For flower decorations, go in with whatever is available for the season. Winter flowers are typically hardier than their summer counterparts and as such you can decorate the place much in advance. This means you can do these arrangements on your own thus saving you costs. If you are going in for artificial flowers, many stores would offer healthy holiday season discounts. As for lighting, go in for white holiday lights. These are cheap during Christmas season or you can borrow them from your relatives or friends. Intertwine these with greenery garlands and inexpensive tulle. For decorating table centers, borrow clear glass bowls from family and friends. Fill them with small ball ornaments of colors that match with the décor.

For a winter wedding, it would be a good idea to have a mid-afternoon wedding. Thus you are saved of the costs of a full meal. Serve cookies, cake, cheese balls and other appetizers. Avoid serving alcoholic drinks, instead serve tea or coffee.