Make Your Wedding Day Special with Interesting Themes


Wedding is a special day for anyone and there are several themes that make them even more memorable. Time period based themes can ooze a retro feel. You can also go in for geography based themes like Arabian nights or Japanese. More interesting themes are seaside, butterfly, Las Vegas, Football, and vineyard.

There are several wedding themes that make a wedding memorable. An attractive theme you can go for is the winter wonderland. Velvet cloaked bride and twinkling fairy lights can lend a special aura and appeal. Also have several white blooms that are tied with silver ribbon. Yet another theme you can go for is the seaside one. Sea holds a special attraction for many people. Tables and other decorations can be adorned with sand, pebbles and shells. Sea side rock can be personalized to your tastes.

Period Style Themes
In a medieval theme, you can have scroll style invitations, castle shaped cake and an elaborate banquet menu. You can also select medieval costumes and they are not hard to find. You can also go in for a 1920’s theme. In this you can deck up the venue in art-deco style. Employ a Jazz band. Cocktails and flapper dresses further recreate the 1920’s look. 1940’s is another popular theme. Vintage satin gown, champagne fountain and entertainment provided by big band are the vital ingredients of this theme.

If you are going in for the Arabian night’s theme, bring in some belly dancers. The ceiling and walls can be decked up with jewel colored fabric. Serving Middle Eastern food like hummus and chocolate coin flavors complete this repertoire. For a Japanese theme, you need to employ a red and black color scheme throughout. As for food, serve traditional Japanese fare like noodles and sushi. Also put several bonsai trees as decoration pieces.

Las Vegas is yet another interesting theme. Have an Elvis impersonator, a mobile casino, glitzy lighting and elaborate cocktail menu that will ensure a wedding that will have all the guests’ hips shaken up. Butterfly is another popular theme. These are subtle than flowers or hearts but are just as romantic. They are also quite stylish. Paper decorations, invitations and place cards with these winged objects. Football theme is increasingly becoming popular now. Have your favorite team’s colors as the décor. You can name the tables after your favorite players. The bride can also throw a football instead of the bouquet.

Another theme you can go in for is the vineyard theme. A winery or vineyard can serve as a stunning backdrop on your wedding day. Have enough smattering of grape leaves and grapes at the right places. The overall color schemata could be either purple or burgundy red or light green keeping in mind the winery connection.